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Business training in...

Project Management and risk...
Cross-functional working...
Process improvement...
Presentation skills...
Customer experience...
Customer segmentation and value...
Strategy planning...
Strategic marketing...
Business planning...
Building a team...
Interpersonal communication...
Healthcare reform...

    What do we do?

Tailored high performance development solutions for business, including business coaching, business training and management consultancy for high performance business improvement.

Business coaching

Vist our business coaching page and make an enquiry.
Unleash talent!

  • Your place.
  • Your time.
  • Face to face, telephone or email.
  • Experienced “blue chip” professional coaches.

Commercialisation services
Small fast growth companies are our speciality. Doing just the right things at the right time with the future in mind.
Making money!

  • Start-up
  • University Spin-out businesses.
  • Healthcare
  • Medical device

Bespoke courses

Visit our bespoke training course page and make an enquiry.
The right fit!

  • Custom made.
  • You decide where.
  • Excellent customer feedback.
  • Wide range of topics.

Management consultancy
See how our management consultancy may help your business growth.
To the point!

  • Rapid response.
  • Short and long term contracts.
  • Strategic or operational interventions.

Open courses

See the availablity of our open training courses.
High impact!

  • Convenient locations
  • Outstanding customer feedback.
  • Small groups.
  • High quality sessions.


Health service reform facilitation services.
Finding the easy way!

  • Complex multi layered organisations.
  • Cross functional teams.
  • Multi disciplinary professional groups.

Selling skills training for new and experienced sales people.Sales force effectiveness + Selling excellence

This 6 Step approach to building high performance sales teams will boost the focus, selling skills and energy of your sales people. 

             Contact us for details

New!  NHS leadership development coaching.

Is it time you worked with someone who understands you?

Contact us for details

What does a sat-nav have in common with a coach?

Find out here- ask about our


Current hot topics

Selling skills - High impact

The full process is addressed to ensure the most appropriate strategy and tactics are in place along with the energy, skills and determination to deliver.

Manager development

Management skills. Specifically tailored workshops, seminars and coaching can improve both the “hard” and “soft” management skills. (The content and approach is especially valued by women managers.)


The importance of improved and increased internal communications. Improving interactions within and between departments to deliver better outcomes.

Customer service training plus...

Customer experience mapping

Seeking to transform your customer service interactions? Segmentation, targeting and value mapping using a simple and straightforward system form the basis of this programme.

Stress management

One to one coaching for executives and managers to manage their stress, boost their energy and maintain resilience and balance.

Change leadership

Coaching for managers on how to harness the positive energy of change strategies to improve overall business performance.

Presentation skills

See the section in the NHS box.

Project Management

To time! To budget! To standard!

Stop firefighting. Lead your project to success with more clarity and energy.

This workshop focusses on predicting where things may go wrong and how to improve the success of your project.

National Health Service

Leading reforms

Just do the right things well!


Groups from both Primary Care and Acute Trusts benefit from an experienced facilitator.

Implementation of health care reforms continues to be challenging for both the personnel and resources of local healthcare bodies.

Harnessing the energy and developing processes for multi disciplinary teams and other cross-functional groups to transform their effectiveness.

Presentation Skills

The ability to present and communicate with confidence to groups is vital and highly valued.

This hugely supportive workshop boosts confidence and builds the skill, energy and awareness needed by the accomplished presenter.

Several presentations, a DVD of you for you to keep and positive encouragement and coaching feature in this workshop.

Everyone arrives with differing experience and anxiety levels, everyone leaves delighted and enthused by the experience of delivering effective presentations.

Away days

The opportunity to pause and take stock of their situation in a relaxed, supportive and structured event, brings a highly valued clarity and perspective on future actions for groups and teams facing change or simply wanting to spend quality time together.

Team building

Specifically tailored events to support your practice team on it’s journey to high performance.  These events are designed to enhance the key aspects and energy of building high performance teams. 


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