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The following high performance bespoke training workshops and business training courses show the wide range available. The content of each workshop is tailored and developed through detailed discussions with the customer to ensure they meet specific goals for the customer’s organisation.

Many customers choose to create a “hybrid” business training course combining several subjects from different workshops. This has the benefit of reducing the overall cost  to an organisation whilst increasing the relevance or resonance for people.

Our flexibility allows customers the option of defining the duration of the business training to suit their business priorities; from one hour “time slot” sessions through two hour breakfast or twilight sessions to more traditional group sessions over several days.

Contact us now to discuss your programme.

Business training specially developed to meet your needs.

See the following examples and design your own course.

Workshop topic


Management skills & Leadership skills

Action Learning

Building performance through feedback.

Chairing effective meetings

Coach development


Competency based interviews

Conflict resolution

Creative thinking & planning

Dealing with difficult people.

Delegation skills

Developing a team

Facilitator training


Group facilitation

Influencing and persuading

Investing in people development

Matrix management skills

Managing others development

Managing the poor performer

Running effective meetings

Supervisor development

Team Leadership

The Cross functional Team

Train the trainer

Understanding motivation


Customer facing skills

Selling skills - advanced

Selling skills - fundamentals

Selling skills - intermediate

Telephone techniques

Negotiation skills.

Customer value and care

Customer service skills

Customer experience mapping

Account management


Personal Development skills

CV writing

Stress management

Self esteem

Time management

Presentation skills

Personal organisation

Personal development

Open to change




Goal setting

Career management


Business development skills

Critical appraisal skills

Root cause analysis

Business planning

Continuous improvement

Strategic planning

Value stream mapping

Performance appraisal

5 S people programme

Reducing waste

Quality systems

Project management and risk


Business process improvement

Change management

Lean manufacturing people programme

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    Does your business need to get ahead of the competition?

      Do you have an effective strategic plan in place?

    Do you know that you need to do things differently?

      Do your results at all levels meet or exceed expectations?

    Have you invested heavily, only to see your results continue in line with trend?

      Does your business rely on an effective quality system?

    Do you fully understand your customers requirements?

      Do your people have the capabilities they need?

It is very likely that one or more of the above is of concern to you. They represent just some of the areas where we transform the learning and add value to client organisations and their people.

“When training impact is defined as “the use of new learning that produces valuable organizational outcomes,” then typical rates of impact from training are usually less than 15%.” (Brinkerhoff, 2006)

Do things differently, find out how high performance business coaching can help you.

Contact us now to discuss your unique requirements and get the process moving.

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